Millers Daughter


Hailing from the magical location of Stonehenge, identical mirror twin sisters Christie and Loui were born into a musical world. Their mother and her sister are still very well known singers locally who have been performing with various bands in venues across the county.

From an early age they were both bought guitars for their 11th birthday. Christie and Loui knew there was a special musical connection between them and that that, coupled with their visual image and the usual twin idiosyncrasies would make for an extremely exciting performance dynamic.

Their foray into songwriting began in their early teens and the girls went on to spend hour upon hour practicing and rehearsing songs to entertain friends. Once at college and studying music in more depth they would play shows at various pubs and clubs while working at Stonehenge to pay for studio time and musical equipment. Taking huge inspiration from Fleetwood Mac and in particular Lindsey Buckingham's guitar style, Christie and Loui also site artists such as The Dixie Chicks and ABBA as a major influence on their vocal style.

In 2009 they worked with session musicians to record a handful of tracks at Peter Gabriel's RealWorld studios in Bath, recordings which became a sound defining moment for the two young women. Following those sessions they travelled to the US to play two short tours which saw them perform at internationally renowned music venues in major cities on both the East and West coast.

They are now writing and demo-ing the songs which will make up their debut album and have just played a one off show at the launch of the Six Shooters photography exhibition at London's Proud Gallery. More UK shows will follow later this year.

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